"Ger is one of the best known and most respected faces on the Irish literary event scene. When she's shooting at an interview, an awards, a reading or a launch you know you're going to end up with brilliant shots you'll want to hang on to." - Rick O' Shea

“I'm always happy to see Ger Holland at literary events and festivals. It's not just that she's a great photographer, although she is. It's not just that she's always friendly and puts her subjects at ease, although she does. It's the combination of talent, professionalism and good humour that she brings to every shoot. She's simply a joy to work with." - John Boyne


"Recently, I asked Ger Holland to take some photographs so that I could have up to date portrait pictures to use for my books, promotional literature and events. The setting Ger selected was excellent as it portrayed my gritty crime author profile. She helped me overcome my fear of having my photograph taken! She captured the light and sense of place on the day, but most of all she successfully captured images which I am proud to use in the promotion of my crime thriller books. I am absolutely delighted with the end product. I highly recommend Ger for any photographs you may need. She will put you at ease and is a pleasure to work with." - Patricia Gibney

“Ger Holland chased us down a number of years ago and asked if she could come and photograph our Festival and we have never looked back. She rocks into Listowel on the first morning and just does her job with efficiency, beauty, sense of place and sense of atmosphere that is Listowel.  I never had to worry about our events being captured and authors photographed, Ger is always there, ahead of time, being discreet and efficient but always with such a keen eye.  The fruits of her labour at the Festival adorn our walls, website and social media for months & years!  We would not be without Ger Holland at the festival, she is a member of our team & an integral part of what is Listowel Writers' Week! Thank you Ger!” - Listowel Writers’ Week

“You know you are at a proper literary event when you discover that Ger Holland is the official photographer. Writers can be a prickly and vain bunch but we can immediately relax and exhale when we know that Ger is behind the lens. She gets THE shot, the one we didn't expect, the one when we are off-guard and open-faced. I look forward to seeing her whether she has a camera in her hands or not. Though, she always has a camera in her hands.” - Liz Nugent


"Having Ger Holland at my book launch was the best decision I ever made. I knew I didn't have to worry about capturing the moment, I could just relax and enjoy it and leave the photographs in her capable hands. She's so unobtrusive you don't even know she's taking pictures half the time, and the resulting shots were amazing - and she made sure everyone was holding the book! I really can't recommend her highly enough. My only regret is that I didn't hire her for the second launch we had down in Cork too."  - Catherine Ryan Howard

“Through hard work, artistry, and simply treating people right, Ger Holland has, in a very short time, made herself the go-to photographer for Irish literary events of every kind, from launches, to festival gigs, awards ceremonies and author portraits.  What more is there to be said about the Dun Laoghaire Liebovitz?  She's totally reliable, always professional, easy to get along with and fast!  Authors are there to read or talk about their books and the photography side is sometimes regarded as an irritant to be endured.  Not with Ger whose unobtrusive ability to relax her subjects wins out every time.  Next day, or even while the gig is in progress, perfect images that capture the spirit of the event miraculously materialise.  If Ger has a flaw it is that she perhaps doesn't yet realise how good she really is.” - Bert Wright


"It's always a pleasure to see Ger Holland at my book events because I know that she'll produce lovely work, and do it unobtrusively and sensitively. She's a star." - John Connolly


"What can I say? Ger Holland is fantastic! Ger was the official photographer for my book launch and she did a superb job. Not only did she take a wonderful collection of photos that captured the evening perfectly, she was professional, discreet, flexible and great fun. With only very basic direction from me, she took all the essential formal shots and snapped lots of lovely informal moments too. After a late finish, Ger sent the full set of edited images to me the following day, which I was very impressed by. Ger has a great eye and a great attitude. It was a pleasure to work with her and I am recommending her to all my friends!" - Hazel Gaynor


"I've worked with Ger at countless literary festivals and have always been impressed by her skill and professionalism. She's an excellent technical photographer, but more than that, she's a lovely person, and I've watched her put the most reluctant subjects (myself included) at ease. Ger is patient and unobtrusive, so people feel comfortable around her and as a result, she captures them really well on film. Her photographs are stunning - the work speaks for itself - and as someone who is loathe to have their picture taken, I've been delighted with any photos Ger has taken of me." - Sinéad Gleeson


"Ger is a wonderful photographer – I think that should go without saying – but aside from her skill with a camera, she is punctual, considerate, unobtrusive, generous and a delight to have at any function. She is also extremely professional, a person who stays calm under pressure no matter what's happening around her, which is a real boon. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Ger for any photographic occasion." - Arlene Hunt


"Ger Holland has a unique eye that captures the mood of an event as well as recording the people and the place. Always arriving ahead of time, she assesses every venue and event to create a story, delivering high impact images. A joy to work with, Ger exceeds expectations at every shoot, blending seamlessly with guests, unobtrusively getting the shots required. She can be relied upon one hundred per cent to deliver a fabulous record. I have used her on countless occasions to supply shots of everything from big busy events with high profile guests, to individual portraits. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - Vanessa O' Loughlin


"In a relatively short space of time Ger Holland has become synonymous with event photography in the country’s capital. Her enthusiasm, ability and sense of fun are never in any doubt and she has that quality that all successful photographers should have, the vision for capturing those special moments whilst discretely and professionally carrying out her role. I absolutely look forward to witnessing the many exciting endeavors of this shooting star into the future." - Louise Phillips